Web Design & Development

Rather than boxing you into one specific website solution, our team takes on a custom web design project by determining what your goals are be that a brand new website and branding to rejuvenation of an old website. With prices starting from just £250 it worth contacting us to find out more.

Social Marketing & Management

The Lakes Directory work’s directly with small to medium businesses and people who a trying to build their personal brand using social media. These clients who do not wish to hire a full-time employee, but prefer the flexibility of a professional Social Media marketeer. We invest time and our experience into establishing and gaining a social media presence for you – to do this we will:-

  • Increase targeted followers and engagement
  • Engage with your audience Listen to your customers and reply if requested
  • Provide a constant tone of voice
  • Nurture connections
  • Source and create content to share
  • Craft regular timed updates to your networks

With packages starting from just £300 per month you need to get intouch!